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"Belmont at the Opry" Preview

Photo Courtesy of Belmont University

Belmont University’s Mike Curb College of Entertainment & Music Business is partnering with The Grand Ole Opry to host a celebration for 50 years of its music business program.  

The event, called “Belmont at the Opry,” will happen at the Opry House on April 9. 

The Opry has been home to many huge music stars over the years and has given many fame like Carrie Underwood, Vince Gill and Kelsea Ballerini.  

This show is no different from other Opry shows from the past, where there will be artists performing their latest hits for a crowd.  

But this time, the theme is Belmont.  

“I would say a third of the attendees will be Belmont people, and the rest are just coming to an Opry show. So, we are trying to make it a positive experience,” said Caroline Rupard, Bemont’s strategic partnerships and projects leader, who is over the event planning with a team of 12 other staff members.  

Rupard also confirmed artists listed on the Opry website are Trisha Yearwood, Hailey Whitters, Tyler Hubbard, Hillary Lindsey, Ashley Gorley and Nicolle Galyon. 

Rupard said that there will be more performers coming that have yet to be announced and that there will be a student-performer aspect in the show. 

The event will also be televised and broadcast on the radio, as Opry shows often are. 

During the commercials, the Opry will show videos from past alumni of the music business program said Rupard. 

Looking at the confirmed artists, the main genre is country music, which aligns with the traditional music of the Opry. 

“I think students now are much more focused in other genres, but historically, Belmont has the market share in the country music industry,” said Rupard. 

But for sophomore Emma Steinbruner, these music choices are driving them away from going to the Opry show. 

“The event sounds super interesting, but I just wish they were more considerate of the genres we play as students,” said Steinbruner. 

The event is ignoring most popular music genres at Belmont, sophomore Gabby Spencer said. 

“As a student songwriter who interacts with other students, country music is rare here at Belmont,” said Spencer.  

Despite some students being hesitant to attend, Belmont is giving out 100 free tickets to students to come see the show, Rupard said.  

 Along with the show, the students get to go on backstage tours of the Opry and meet the artists. 

Rupard did not discuss the process of these tickets going out or when they would. 

For more student involvement, there will be a student writers' round show in the Opry House plaza as guests arrive, featuring the winners of the Belmont Writers' showcase from the showcase series, Rupard said. 

“It’s gonna be really special,” said Rupard. 

Tickets can be purchased on the Oprys website starting from $88 including added fees. 


This article was written by Joanna Walden


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