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Belmont athletics launching limited NFT

Belmont University fans can now purchase the ultimate piece of Bruin pride — an official non-fungible token.

Collaborating with NFT website Fanaply to make its blockchain debut, Belmont athletics launched the inaugural Belmont Bruins NFT, which can be purchased on the Fanaply website for $4.99 through the end of September.

The release comes as a celebration of Belmont’s first season in the Missouri Valley Conference.

"Belmont Athletics has entered into a new era in the Missouri Valley Conference, and our fan base can now commemorate that in a unique way through an NFT," senior associate athletic director for external engagement Josh Ward said upon the launch.

An NFT is a cryptographic asset with a unique identification code that can be purchased on a blockchain network. Unlike fungible tokens such as Bitcoin or Litecoin, NFTs cannot be exchanged at equivalency, making it non-fungible.

Belmont’s NFT is a 20-second video that pans to different angles and sides of the MVC Belmont Bruins basketball jersey, highlighting the jersey’s intricate details.

After purchase, the NFT can be used to demonstrate Belmont fandom — fans can share the item on social media and add it to Google Play or Apple Wallet for use at live events.

NFTs have spiked in growth within the last few years; they are predicted to reach a value of $80 billion by 2025, according to investment bank Jefferies.

Fanaply has a history in sports related NFTs. The company partnered with National Hockey League teams such as the New Jersey Devils, Nashville Predators and Florida Panthers in 2021.

The NFT will remain available for purchase until Sept. 30.

“Bruin fans can own a unique piece of history and we are excited to partner with Fanaply on this type of digital collectible,” Ward said.

PHOTO : Courtesy of Belmont Athletics

This article was written by A.J. Wuest

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Apr 08

Exciting news! Belmont athletics is embracing the future of digital collectibles by launching limited NFTs! When it comes to blockchain transactions, security, speed, and accessibility are paramount. That's why we're thrilled to partner with a leading crypto platform Zert dedicated to democratizing finance and providing secure, instant, and accessible blockchain solutions. Now you can own a piece of Belmont sports history securely from anywhere in the world!

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