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Belmont Boulevard businesses come together for Block Party

Featuring friends, food and fun, House Of’s third birthday party is a celebration of the neighborhood it calls home.

The Belmont Block Party will bring together a number of Belmont Boulevard businesses for a day of music, games and shopping on Saturday.

The event comes after nearly a year of planning by House Of’s event coordinator, Delilah Rixner.

“The block party is my baby, my little brainchild,” she said. “I realized they’re about to tear down International Market and the street’s never going to look quite the same. Why don’t we team up with everybody in the community and have a huge celebration at the end of the year?”

Local businesses were eager to get on board. After going door-to-door and reaching out beyond the boulevard, the Block Party will include Bongo Java, King of Pops, NoBaked, Proper Bagel and more.

As the idea for the event grew, Rixner teamed up with the media company Do615 and Belmont faculty to make it even bigger.

“We got the school involved, getting Dr. Fisher, Vice President West and Dr. Jason Rogers all involved,” Rixner said. “They’ve all just been incredibly supportive and awesome with it.”

House Of is a student-run boutique owned by Belmont. They feature locally-made products and a team-centered atmosphere to give students experience in running a business.

Though Rixner’s job is to ensure a good sales day for House Of and the other businesses involved, that’s never been her primary focus in planning the Block Party.

“A lot of the businesses were asking why I was doing this and what I would gain out of it, but I was really just hoping that they all have good sale days and that we as a community can all benefit from this,” she said.

“My vision has just been a bunch of people having a really good time and hoping that everyone has a really successful day.”

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