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Belmont installs BruinPrint stations around campus

Belmont officially launched its new BruinPrint program Tuesday, which allows students to print from their computers and cell phones at locations around campus.

Printing stations are located in many of the academic buildings, the Beaman Student Life Center, the library and 10 of the 15 residential communities, according to the map on Belmont’s website.

“Operating through a network of high-speed printers located throughout the academic buildings and many of the dorms, BruinPrint will offer a variety of printing options including Print Anywhere, which will allow students to send print jobs from campus lab computers or personal laptops for pickup at any BruinPrint station on campus,” according to an email sent to students and faculty Tuesday morning.

To use BruinPrint, students can connect to the Belmont Wi-Fi network from a laptop, a smartphone or a Belmont computer and then log in with their MyBelmont usernames and passwords.

Users can do this from any location on campus, then go to a BruinPrint station, swipe their IDs and select the document they want to print.

For more detailed directions for using BruinPrint on smartphones or other devices, clickhere.

BruinPrint offers different size and color options for printing, with prices starting at $0.08 per sheet and going up to $0.96 per sheet. Students can add money to their accounts through the BruinPrint website.

Faculty are still encouraged to use the University Copy Center, according to the Belmont website.

Students can call the Belmont Service Desk or ask the library staff for help if they have any issues with BruinPrint, according to the Belmont website.

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Photo by Phoebe Scott 

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