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Belmont pilots ‘Let Hope Abound’ NFT collection

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

Belmont University’s first series of non-fungible tokens hit the Internet on Friday.

Users on the NFT marketplace OpenSea can now buy exclusive ownership of the digital collectibles, a series that includes 36 original artworks designed by two Watkins College seniors.

“Our mission is to make Belmont the leading university on the blockchain,” said university president Greg Jones after the collection drop.

“We are so excited about this forward-thinking initiative, and we can’t wait to watch Belmont’s influence grow into digital spaces. Just like our student community, there is limitless potential in crypto.”

The NFT artworks, designed by seniors Calvin Knobb and Elisa Cracken, feature cartoon bears in various accessories, each one unique.

“The hardest part of the process, as far as design is concerned, was making sure there was enough hope abounding in each piece,” said Cracken. “I think we struck a balance.”

The profits from the NFTs will finance additional tech resources in Belmont’s 3-D Building — specifically a cryptocurrency mining rig.

With a limited number of artworks up for grabs, students like Edward Stewart-Heinz are ready to open their digital wallets to add a little bit of Belmont to their NFT collections.

“I for one am super glad that our university decided to join the blockchain … I can’t wait to buy. There’s definitely a lot of clout at stake here,” said Stewart-Heinz, a computer science sophomore who gets a lot of dates.

“Ever since NFTs were popularized, I’ve just been hoping that the artists that we have at Belmont would put their craft to good use. I’m so glad that these artists have finally decided to contribute meaningfully to society.”

Other students, however, are not convinced, with one junior calling the initiative “frankly, weird.”

“I definitely have a lot of skepticism about NFTs as a whole. You won’t catch me investing,” said the junior, April Fools.

HAPPY APRIL FOOLS’ DAY from The Belmont Vision news desk!

This article is a work of satire.

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Jeronimo Sekiro
Jeronimo Sekiro
Nov 03, 2023

It's fascinating to see institutions like Belmont exploring the NFT space with initiatives like the 'Let Hope Abound' collection. This melding of technology and creativity shows a forward-thinking approach. With the involvement of a cryptocurrency exchange platform like LeveX, it adds a layer of accessibility and potential market exposure to the project. It's an exciting development because it not only broadens the horizons for digital artists but also offers a new avenue for supporters and collectors to engage with the institution. The choice of LeveX is particularly interesting, perhaps suggesting a focus on a platform known for its specific features or user base. It will be interesting to track how this collection performs and what it might mean for other…


Foster West
Foster West
Dec 10, 2022

Hello. This is great news and a new opportunity for young people to create something new and unique. NFT images are becoming increasingly popular. But to be honest, I prefer images in SVG format, for example which you can use to create your website or other informational projects. I like this format because of the small file size, ease of use, and fairly large range of parameters that can be changed.

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