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Belmont’s Women in TV and Film Production Club Captured a New Audience with "The Bear"

Students filed into the Johnson theatre Tuesday evening. 


As students took their seats and the lights dimmed, a cacophony of Chicago buildings began filing across the screen before Jeremey Allen-White ultimately started the show. 


Belmont’s Women in TV and Film Production Club held their first screening event showing the pilot from FX’s "The Bear," created by Christopher Storer. The screening was held in the Johnson Small Theatre for an overflowing audience.  


The episode was followed by an interview with the show’s Emmy award winning editor, Joanna Naugle, and assistant editor, Megan Mancini.  


Naugle and Mancini have been working on "The Bear" since 2021 and have seen how important collaboration is in the process of editing. 


“We really bring out the performances and we write a bit in the edit room but we’re working with such good material… and we try to figure out the best way for the footage to tell that story,” said Naugle. 


Naugle and Mancini touched upon the importance of pacing  and how it helps to place emphasis on specific aspects of a story and the characters’ emotions. 


Naugle’s most recent editing work will be found on Ramy Yousef’s most recent comedy special, More Feelings, which is set to be released on March 23 on HBO. 


“It has been cool to show how a show as a whole can kind of have its own editing language. I was watching something that our other editor cut today, and he was intercutting two scenes that weren’t previously written that way, and it worked great!” added Mancini. 


Belmont Women in TV and Film Production Club was made official in the Spring 2024 semester. It is co-founded and led by Emma Woodhead and Giovanna Ciampa. 


“We wanted to create a strong connection of women in news, in motion pictures, in sports, in documentaries, and bring them together,” said Woodhead about the event. 


Naugle’s creative processes and methods are deeply inspiring, said freshman motion pictures major, Ren Gash. 


“With editing, you can get so wrapped up in the technicalities” said Gash. “But it was eye-opening to take a step back and see. Being able to sit down and focus on it, then hear about the process firsthand from the editor… and seeing all the love that go into these episodes and projects makes me excited to be a filmmaker after I graduate.” 


The club’s next event is on Friday where they will be screening the film Bottoms in collaboration with Belmont Women in Film, Belmont Bridge Builders, Belmont Screenwriter’s Club, and Belmont Film society. 



This article was written by Ria Skyer 

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