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Belmont student athletes offer strategies and tips for finals

Managing the stress of finals is tough, but for those who have a big track meet or baseball game ahead of them, it can seem impossible.

Students have different ways of dealing with stress. Here are what some Belmont student athletes do to plan for their busy schedule.

“It’s all about time management,” said junior track and field runner Declan McManus. “You know when practice is, you know when finals are. You know what work is coming up.”

Mcmanus’ tip to others, whether a student athlete or not, is to jump on work early instead of procrastinating.

“Just try and get things done as early as possible,” said McManus.

Junior Belmont baseball pitcher Max Marcotte echoes some of McManus’ advice.

“Take care of the work right then and there. Don’t wait around or you most likely won’t get it done,” Marcotte said.

Senior softball outfielder Taylor Hargrove says a strong work ethic is what it takes to succeed in both softball and school.

“If I work hard at the beginning of the semester it’s less stressful at the end,” Hargrove said.

She offered a tip for all those who struggle with stress when it comes to the end of the semester.

“Stay on top of things. Don’t procrastinate, and stay organized. You will make it,” said Hargrove.

Like the others, sophomore softball pitcher Autumn McDanel keeps her work in perspective through the practice of time management.

“Be organized and write out everything you have due for the week. Look ahead and plan when you need to get things done. It all goes back to time management,” said McDanel.

All students can learn from what Belmonts student athletes said. McDaniels’ final words will resonate deeply with all students.

“Work your hardest, and if you get a B its OK. It’s not the end of the world.”

This article written by Ian Kayanja.

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