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Best of the Best Showcase Preview: ASCAP Writers’ Night Winner Jordan Xidas

Jordan Xidas grew up surrounded by music.

His brother graduated from Belmont University and went on to play drums for Nashville artist Steve Moakler, and his father was in the jingle industry.

“I can’t remember a time when he wasn’t playing guitar and I wasn’t singing along in the backseat,” Xidas said.

His initial love of music started before he can remember, but his songwriting began at the age of seven. After he got his first guitar, “it was like a natural step,” he said.

Xidas followed in his brother’s footsteps and came to Belmont in the fall of 2016.

“Wanting to do music and be in a town where songwriting is important is what brought me to Belmont,” he said.

As only a freshman in his second semester at Belmont, Xidas is among the four ASCAP Writers’ Night winners to play at the Best of the Best Showcase on Saturday. He will be playing his song, “Break My Heart.”

His musical sound is catchy, pop songs with a dark spin.

“My mission is just to write honest songs that tend to express the darker things that most people don’t talk about,” said Xidas.

The first song Xidas ever wrote was called “Stuck in the Closet.” At the time, the song was nothing more than a 7-year-old sitting his bedroom, staring at his closet door. But today, the song has a special irony.

“I came out this year at Belmont,” Xidas said, at first wary about sharing the information. “For me as a person, it was a long time coming, but also me as an artist, I was able to write honestly. It was the first time that I was really able to say, ‘Okay, now I can write about whatever I want.’”

Calling the title of his first song “funny foreshadowing,” Xidas threw his head back laughing.

“I mean, literally stuck in the closet,” he said. “I had no idea what that was. I was just writing about the closet door.”

Xidas’s family was very supportive of his career choice, his father and brother being involved in the music industry themselves. His older brother introducing him to Nashville artists, such as Dave Barnes, Jon McLaughlin and Steve Moakler, was formative to him.

“I definitely think it’s overdramatic when people say, ‘I couldn’t do anything else.’ Like, I’m not an idiot,” Xidas said. “I could get another job and make a living doing something else, but I don’t think I would feel fulfilled if I didn’t chase the dream that I’ve always had.”

He would be doing music for the rest of his life no matter what.

“I would always be writing and performing, and if it’s not performing in big stages or arenas, I think I would do the coffee shops forever,” Xidas said.

However, Xidas does hope he won’t have to do the coffee shops forever. In 20 years’ time, he hopes to settle down — relatively — and maybe have a house or two.

“One here,” he said. “I’m dreaming big right now — I’m dreaming huge — and one tucked away in the hills of Austria.”

A freshman performing at the Best of the Best Showcase — Xidas might well be on his way there.

Catch Xidas at the Best of the Best Showcase on Saturday at 7 p.m. in the Curb Event Center.

This article was written by Reed Ferguson. Photo courtesy of Jordan Xidas.

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