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Billboard features Belmont alumna Katie Ruvane

For artists who are just getting started, a little validation can go a long way. That’s why 2017 graduate Katie Ruvane was so excited when Billboard wanted to write an article about her.

Billboard featured the first two EPs in Ruvane’s latest project, a three-part EP release coming off the heels of her first tour.

The singer-songwriter didn’t really believe Billboard was doing the story until she saw her name in the title, she said.

“Talk about a sob fest,” said Ruvane. “I’m really speechless about the whole thing.”

The New Jersey native graduated from Belmont with a music business degree in 2017. Since then, she’s been taking matters into her own hands.

During a three-month tour that ended in July, Ruvane learned how to put on a show all by herself. She would travel from houses to restaurants in efforts to sell pre-orders for her EP and spread her music.

“I was going from Florida to Maine in my CRV by myself, with one guitar and no equipment,” said Ruvane.

The emotional rollercoaster of tour life taught Ruvane some important lessons about herself and introduced her to some incredible people along the way, she said.

She often found herself being vulnerable and stepping out of her comfort zone throughout the tour.

Far from being glamorous, Ruvane found herself crashing on the couches of family friends and struggling with people wanting to hear cover songs instead of her original music.

Touring was something Ruvane always wanted to do but never thought she could.

“I would do it 1000 times, forever and ever,” said Ruvane.

Ruvane credits Belmont for a lot of her success. Though it was terrifying being surrounded by students in the same industry, she also earned some amazing opportunities as a result, she said.

“It’s hard to ignore how many people are here to do the same thing,” said Ruvane.

While attending Belmont, Ruvane had three internships and studied abroad two times. Those experiences were extremely helpful to her, she said.

She also credits her music business instructor Dan Keen for providing her with real-life information and making her step out of her comfort zone while pitching her music to the class.

“It was very true to life,” said Ruvane.

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This article written by Rob Redel. Photo courtesy of Katie Ruvane

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