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Bruin Beats: The Pipeline 7.0 Team

The Vision has teamed up with leaders from organizations across campus to bring you weekly Spotify playlists from students and staff.

For today’s installment, the members of the Pipeline 7.0 team shared 10 of their favorite songs with the Vision.

“The Pipeline Project is a market research program, where students devote their summer to open dialogue, research, and analysis of music industry issues at the direction of sponsoring entertainment companies and their executives.

The Pipeline 7.0 team put together this playlist through a strategic “song bracket” technique – basically the NCAA basketball tournament, except with songs! At the beginning of the Pipeline Program, one team member shared the importance of each person knowing their “all time favorite song” by doing a bracket, starting with a bracket of 64 songs and narrowing it down to a final, ultimate winner. Each team member then went through this process to reach the song they suggested for this playlist. We hope you enjoy our playlist!”

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