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Bruin Beats: University Minister Heather Daugherty

The Vision has teamed up with leaders from organizations across campus to bring you Spotify playlists from students and staff.

For today’s installment, University Minister Heather Daugherty shared 10 of her favorite songs with the Vision.

Praying — Kesha

This song is beautiful and reminds me that just because someone is not in your life anymore, or has done something bad to you doesn’t mean you can’t still wish them well.

Like I’m Gonna Lose You — John Legend and Meghan Trainor

I love singing this song in my kitchen. It is a reminder to hold the people that you love close because we never know how much time we have with them.

Thinking Out Loud — Ed Sheeran

Last year on a trip with students to LA, I was introduced to Ed Sheeran. This song makes me think of my husband and the love that we have for each other that grows deeper every day.

Stressed Out — 21 Pilots

I feel like this is my life, and reminds me that I’m not the only one who gets stressed out.

No — Meghan Trainor

I love Meghan Trainor, and this song is a reminder to everyone that women are in control of their own lives and who they want to be with.

Girls Just Want to Have Fun — Cindy Lauper

This song brings me back to middle school when my friends and I would lip sync loudly into our brushes at sleepovers.

How Will I Know — Whitney Houston

This is the song of many request and dedication nights on my local radio station. And, what budding vocalist doesn’t want to sound like Whitney Houston?

All I Wanna Do — Sheryl Crow

There is something about thinking of watching a giant carwash on my lunchbreak with a stranger that draws me to remember that life is not always good or exciting, and that’s OK.

The Hammer Holds — Bebo Norman

Bebo did a concert at my college and I fell in love with his honest music. This song is a reminder that our lives can go many directions and that the choices that we make are important.

My Father’s Eyes — Amy Grant

My parents were huge Amy Grant fans, so I grew up hearing her music. This song is a reminder that we are called to be Christ-like in our lives, showing everyone the same compassion that we have been shown by God.

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