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BruinLink Fair: New clubs on campus

From cultural organizations like the Black Student Association to activity groups like the hiking club, the BruinLink Fair had something for everyone.

Belmont boasts over 170 student clubs and organizations. Students braved the heat and crowds on Thursday to learn more about the available clubs, including some exciting new additions.

Cats Club

“The Cats Club is essentially a fan club for the campus cat, Belle,” said president Ryan Baird. “I have known Belle for about four years, and this was the best way for me to honor, respect and show appreciation for her.”

Cats Club is a place for students who adore cats to come together and show their love.

“I wanted to gather as many people as I could to be cat moms and cat dads towards Belle and our other felines together,” Baird said.

Aviation Club

Jackson Whiteside, president of the Aviation Club, dreamed of launching the club in 2021, but was unable to get it up and running.

This year, however, he finally lifted it off the ground.

“I started this out of a love for aviation. It is something I’ve always been interested in, and that culminated this past summer when I got my private pilot’s license,” Whiteside said.

Belmont Ascend

Belmont Ascend is an organization geared toward students who want to be more globally aware of foreign affairs.

Although the club has only been active since spring 2022, it is already giving students opportunities to engage in foreign politics.

Sara Adams, the vice president of Ascend, said she met the ambassador of Japan through this organization.

Belmont Ascend organizes global summit series, executive spotlights, volunteer programs and mentorship opportunities. If a student wants to know something about global affairs, Ascend is the place to go.

Active Minds

Active Minds is all about mental health education and awareness — its mission is to destigmatize and normalize the challenges faced by those dealing with mental illness.

Active Minds will lead several events during National Suicide Prevention Week, starting with a “Send Silence Packing” event on Sept. 7.

These events will be open to all Belmont students for WELL Core credit. Read more about Active Minds’ programming here.

For more information on clubs and organizations, visit BruinLink.

PHOTO: Club and organization leaders connect with prospective members Lillian Grace Davidson/Belmont Vision

This article was written by Hannah Webster

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