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Bruins and ballots

With elections for national and state level positions going on today, Belmont students are becoming more involved in the political process.

Students contend that getting involved in the process leads to a smarter electorate and better representation.

“These people will be making the decisions that we all will have to live by,” junior Brandon Stover said.

Stover has been interning with Mike Queen, a candidate for the state Senate in Stover’s home state of West Virginia, since May.

“I set up meet the candidate events, schedule meetings, and communicated with county republican clubs to engage the base,” Stover said.

Since returning to Belmont in August, Stover has used social media to spread Queen’s message to younger voters. Other groups on campus are also engaging students to get out the vote.

Senior Kaitlyn Sharkey, president of Young Americans for Liberty, has been encouraging students to become more involved in the election process.

“We have put up information for absentee ballots for out of state,” Sharkey said.

While YAL does not endorse any candidates, it is an activist group that hopes to raise awareness about civil rights and getting out the vote.

“Convenience is the biggest thing out of state,” Sharkey said. “You actually have to put effort in.”

Midterm elections are today, Nov. 4

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DROP BOX 1: National Trends-

This election cycle 471 Congressional Seats are up for election, 36 in the Senate and all 435 seats in the House.

Republicans hope that they can gain a majority in the Senate, which the Democrats currently holding a slight majority 53-45 with two independents.

The marquee race this election cycle is between Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky against Democratic challenger Alison Grimes.

McConnell has a slight lead, but with huge out of state donors and big name Democrats such as Bill Clinton and Elizabeth Warren campaigning for Grimes, anything could happen.

DROP BOX 2: Local Issues- Locally, there are four amendments on the Tennessee ballot:

Amendment 1 gives the state legislature the power to enact, amend or repeal statutes regarding abortion.

Amendment 2 would have Supreme and Appellate Court judges appointed by the governor, instead of being voted on like they are now.

Amendment 3 makes Tennessee’s no income tax law an official part of the State Constitution if it is passed.

  1. Amendment 4 would allow veterans organizations the chance to host charitable gaming events as a non-profit organization.

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