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BU Blogs: 9/11 in NY, fashion trends, and counseling services

As part of our new online push, each Friday the Belmont Vision will be showcasing new posts, blogs and columns from our stuff. All posts follow a lighter, more conversational tone perfect for easing into a weekend. In the first weekly edition of BU Blogs, the Belmont Vision is introducing two student-written blogs, as well as the new column from Vision editor Brian Wilson.

  1. On “Belmont to Brooklyn,” Belmont senior Valerie Wire reflected on her experience in New York City 11 years after the September 11 attacks, and senior Morgan Swank briefly reflected on her first month in the Big Apple.

  2. On fashion blog “Scattered Foxes,” journalism major Ashley Hayden looked at cheap ways to dress in the latest trends.

  3. And in his September column, Vision editor Brian Wilson calls Belmont to hire additional counselors to meet a growing demand.

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