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EDITORIAL: Being Single on Valentine's Day isn't the End of the World

Belmont Vision Multimedia, Braden Simmons

Another February, another flood of Instagram posts highlighting someone’s “boo” or that they are “in love with their best friend.” 


It’s Valentine's Day. 


A day for love to be proclaimed from the rooftops and how joyous the day is for all those involved. 


Except for those single folks. 


Or at least that’s how some would make it seem.  


We assume the single folks are waiting patiently for their person to come and sweep them off their feet. 


Is it surprising when society has preached this kind of imagery to young adults and those who are single that they feel a need to find “the one” and soon while they are still young. 


This leads to a rush in the dating process or a sort of settling to find that mythological “one.” 


Dating apps have also streamlined the search process and given a certain amount of anonymity to dating, taking away the face-to-face interactions that make meaningful relationships function. 


Swiping abounds, but there’s no real thought behind it. 


It’s less about character and more about simply finding someone hot in your area. 


Or put more bluntly, trying to find a “sneaky link” of the week. 


And even if a date makes its way from the screen to the table of a restaurant, it can often be disappointing having to go through the motions of: 


“What’s your favorite color?” 


“What’s your favorite place you’ve ever been to?” 


Small talk can be exhausting on series of first dates.  


That’s why remaining single has become more and more enticing to some and has left others disappointed in the current dating atmosphere. 


We should embrace our singleness. 


With singleness comes a certain amount of freedom, self-reflection and growth that can go overlooked during the festivities of Feb. 14. 


Singleness gives more time for people to look in on themselves and find out what they value when looking for their special someone. 


Singleness also provides more time for making memories with friends and family. 


During this season of love, singleness is not something to be looked down upon, but rather celebrated in tandem with romantic love. 


This article was written by Braden Simmons

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Lisa Lisa
Lisa Lisa
Jul 03

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