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BU Blogs: The President, printed jeans and Donald Trump

After a brief hiatus, BU Blogs is back with a full set of entries from each of our bloggers. Check out their variety of posts below:

  1. On our Elections 2012 blog, Collier Roberts and Emily Cox analyzed the final debate between President Barack Obama and Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney on Monday. Plus, Collier has a special post about Donald Trump’s “special announcement” from Thursday.

  2. In “Belmont to Brooklyn,” music business major Morgan Swink gave an update about how she feels half of Belmont has infiltrated New York in the past month, plus how she met the President at her internship.

  3. At fashion blog “Scattered Foxes,” fall fashion, whether through printed jeans, coats or leggings, is examined by Jamie Smotherman and Ashley Hayden.

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