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Celebrating Valentine’s Day: Activities to do with bae, besties or by yourself

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

College students manage some tight budgets, and if you’re looking to spoil that special someone this Monday, maybe you need an option that won’t break the bank. 

Lucky for you, the Vision has drawn up some fun and fresh itineraries for you to enjoy on Valentine’s Day — no matter your relationship status.

Last-minute plans for you and your sweetheart:

Guess who’s coming to Bridgestone for the biggest V-Day show in town? It’s Dua Lipa’s Future Nostalgia tour!

You and your sweet thang can score tickets anywhere from $50 to $600, depending on how much you love them — or check Belmont Confessions for last-minute resales.

You’ll be levitating after spending Valentine’s Day with Dua.

Feeling more low-key? Plenty of Nashville hangouts host Monday-night trivia starting around 7 p.m. Pick a location, grab some burgers and put your heads together to show your S.O. that you love them for their mind.

Or if you’re looking to spend the afternoon outside, Monday’s forecast calls for sun, sun, sun with a high of 50 degrees. A picture-perfect picnic in the park might suit your fancy!

Pack a light jacket and a takeout lunch from your favorite Nashville spot; honorable mentions include Otaku Ramen, McDougal’s, Pizza Perfect, Mas Tacos Por Favor or whatever you and your sweetheart are feeling.

Can’t decide? Pop your location into a random restaurant generator and let fate decide.

Valentine’s Day fun for singles:

Although Valentine’s Day is advertised for lovebirds, if you are still waiting for that special someone, here are some healthy, feel-good options for our strong and independent singles!

A relaxing day of self-care makes the perfect solo Valentine’s celebration.

Pick up a sheet mask and your favorite snacks, change into your coziest pajamas, ring up your besties and tune in to last night’s episode of “Euphoria” or your favorite feel-good rom-com.

Personally, we love Charlie Cox’s dashing daring-do in “Stardust,” Dermot Mulroney’s bravado in “The Wedding Date” or if you’re more in the mood for some wholesome reality TV, “The Great British Baking Show” is the perfect sweet treat.

Feeling more energized? Time to have yourself a little dance party.

No one can make you feel as good as your favorite singer blasting from the speakers. Take some time to vibe out and recognize what everybody else is missing, because not only are you perfect, but you deserve someone perfect!

Queue up a badass Beyonce anthem from “Lemonade” or perform an interpretive dance to a Phoebe Bridgers ballad off “Punisher.”

But if you find yourself totally without direction this V-Day, why not visit a psychic in town? Literally, why not?

Love is in the air … or it just might be in your palms! Make today all about you and head to Nashville Psychic Center to get your cards read, or snap a cute pic of your aura at Tertiary Sight.

It’s all in good fun. And who knows, you might just see something you like!

For the anti-Valentine going through heartbreak:

Now, for some, Valentine’s Day can be a holiday of spite and anger after a really gnarly breakup. Your pain is understandable, and if it is time to let out some steam, we’ve got a few ideas

One activity that cures a broken heart in no time at all: axe throwing. Blade and Timber sits close to campus and is open until 10 p.m.

If you ask politely, they might even let you tape a photo of your ex to the target. Bullseye!

Or for the pacifists, maybe it’s time to fall in love with nature on a hike.

If your ex — in the words of Billie Eilish — made you hate this city, get on outta here! There are plenty of nearby state parks with fresh air and tremendous Tennessee scenery to take in.

If you’ve already done Radnor Lake, perhaps check out Harpeth River, Long Hunter or pack your car full of friends and make the hour trip to Bledsoe Creek or Edgar Evins State Park.

Or maybe a trek through the wilderness of Green Hills Mall is more your speed, which, in that case, treat yourself to a little retail therapy instead.

But sometimes all you need is a chicken quesadilla tray with Cajun fries and cheese bites, and that is totally valid.

Take yourself or your friends on a late-night date to Cook Out. It doesn’t close until 4 a.m. — and the one on West End Avenue stays open until 5 a.m.

Baes come and go, but milkshakes are forever. And since everyone else will be busy at their fancy restaurants, those drive-thrus will be practically deserted. More for you!

Whatever your situation, Valentine’s Day is for you. Celebrate yourself or someone you love; spend it with whoever, doing whatever.

And if you want, we at the Vision will be your valentine. <3

PHOTO: Annie Petrik / Belmont Vision Mulitmedia

This article was written by Jackson Herrman and Lilly Owens.

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