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“Chicago” gives Nashville some razzle-dazzle

“Chicago,” the timeless tale of corruption and greed, leaves Nashville, Tenn. audiences begging for more.

The show received a thunderous standing ovation on opening night and promised a stunning week-long run at Tennessee Performing Arts Center.

“Chicago” is performed by a dazzling Broadway touring cast, featuring John O’Hurley, famous for “Family Feud” and “Seinfeld.”

A story of corruption and wickedness in the golden age of jazz, “Chicago” tells the story of two women accused of murdering their lovers. Roxie Hart and Velma Kelly, the accused, use their arrests and trials to become famous, both hoping to eventually be acquitted and released.

In the show, O’Hurley perfectly portrays the women’s greedy, scheming lawyer, Billy Flynn. From the moment he stepped on stage, O’Hurley mesmerized audiences with humor-filled musical numbers and beautifully added to the already charismatic cast chemistry.

Sultry Terra MacLeod and adorable Bianca Marroquin, who play Velma Kelly and Roxie Hart, had audiences doubled over from the first moment they shared the stage. The rivalry between the alleged murderesses was brilliantly portrayed to maximum hilarity and was well-received by audience members.

In many scenes, MacLeod and Marroquin, as well as many other cast members, would acknowledge and engage audience members from the stage. Viewers were especially riveted by the hilariously entertaining way that Marroquin, as Hart, ran back and forth on stage showing everyone her name in the newspaper.

Roz Ryan, as Matron “Mama” Morton, directed many flirtatious comments out into the crowd and dazzled audience members with her charisma. She winked and shimmied her way into the hearts everyone on the front row, those lucky enough to be the target of her seduction.  Ryan easily stole the show anytime she stepped on stage.

This six-time Tony Award-winning show has been performed all around the world but nowhere as magnificently as here in Nashville.

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