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Christian Showcase 2016: Taylor Zebracki

Taylor Zebracki, 21, is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist with a passion for music and an even greater love for Jesus.

Zebracki is one of four student acts participating in the annual Christian Showcase on Saturday.

After promising herself at the age of 10 she “would not live a boring life and would do everything she always wanted to do,” Zebracki has found herself happiest when performing and letting her creativity shine.

Taylor began taking singing seriously at 11 years old. Only two years later, she found herself with an old, out-of-tune guitar on her lap. When given the choice at 15 between a car and a new guitar, she chose the guitar.

At the end of high school, she began taking piano lessons and has kept up with it ever since. She credits learning instruments at a young age as a key part of helping her advance her music career.

“It helped me develop as a musician beyond just singing and writing. Playing instruments pulled the whole ‘artist’ thing together,” Taylor said.

A senior songwriting major at Belmont, Zebracki did not always see herself getting her degree in Nashville, Tennessee. In fact, she changed her major three times and transferred from Western Kentucky University to Belmont University her senior year.

Taylor knew switching was what the Lord had in mind for her. Unfortunately, making the move was not as easy as she had anticipated.

“The scary thing wasn’t applying and possibly being denied,” Taylor said. “The scary–and exciting–thing was being accepted, because I knew that God was about to flip my world upside down, and I couldn’t see the other side yet.”

Zebracki is supporting herself through college, and as most students know, tuition is not cheap. Her first semester as a transfer student, she was only able to take two classes while at the same time working more than forty hours a week and suffering from mental and physical exhaustion, she said.

However, she persevered with hope that she had made the right decision. Taylor, with the help of student loans, is now a full-time student and working hard to graduate.

“I’m looking forward to the seemingly impossible things I’m called to do and being a part of them all happening. I’m looking forward to writing songs and performing for my entire life,” Taylor said.

Zebracki’s goal as a musician is to be a Christian and country artist. She wants to share her passion with others and through her music help them see the joy and excitement in life.

“Stop focusing on the closed door in front of you and start looking at the open doors around you,” Taylor said.

Updates on Zebracki’s music career can be found on her Facebook page at Also, don’t forget to see her perform at the Christian Showcase on Saturday.

This article was written by Mary Rongey. Photo courtesy of Taylor Zebracki.

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