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Classroom Chaos: Spring 2024 Registration Issues

It’s time to register for classes again at Belmont, but it has not been a smooth process.

While registration started out as an exciting opportunity to plan for the future, it spiraled into chaos and confusion for some students.

Despite complaints from students, University Registrar Ginger Bossier said she was “not made aware of technical issues students had accessing registration this semester.”

But some students said problems arose when registration opened.

The first problem emerged when students realized the plan they made with their academic advisers became useless when all of their desired classes filled up. 

Sophomore Lauren Reding was one of those students.

“I went online before I went to bed to make sure all my classes were still available,” Reding said. “Not one of them was open, so at 11:00 p.m. I had to completely rewrite my schedule.”

Reding also experienced technical difficulties with her Interdisciplinary Learning Community course after the system kept giving her an “ERROR” message.

Freshman McKenna Brough said she too had problems with registering.

“It’s really frustrating when you are trying to register but all the classes are filling up,” Brough said. “Now not only do I need to worry about the classes I’m currently in, I have the added stress of wondering if I’m going to stay on track.”

To further add to the stress of creating a perfect schedule, students woke up to find that classes vanished from Classfinder, altogether.

An entire collection of MDS 1450, Media and Entertainment, courses disappeared sporadically.

“I freaked out on Friday because two of the classes I needed to take were missing from Classfinder,” said sophomore Kristin Gross s Gross. “Not even full, just completely gone.”

Across several disciplines, it appeared that courses with the code 1450 simply didn’t exist, preventing students from registering for them. 

Bossier said she was keeping an eye on the registration process and her overall impression was that “registration was executed well with students experiencing ease of access to the MyBelmont portal and the registration system at their assigned registration time.”

But if there were issues, Bossier said that the Office of the Registrar remains “available to support students as they are navigating this process.”


This article was written by Abby Thomas

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1 Comment

Dec 07, 2023

Ah, the classic classroom chaos during registration season – it's practically a rite of passage! As we navigate the Spring 2024 enrollment hiccups, I can't help but wonder if a digital marketing agency could bring some order to this academic frenzy. Maybe a streamlined online registration process or targeted campaigns to keep everyone in the loop. It's like, if they can sell products seamlessly online, why not education? Here's hoping for a smoother registration ride next semester!

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