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Commercial Music Showcase: Weathered Souls

With intricate harmonies and edgy lyricism, acoustic folk-pop duo Weathered Souls is ready to perform at the 24th Annual Commercial Music Showcase on Feb. 1.

Megan Rasmussen, a senior commercial music major with a music business emphasis, and Shawn Gough, a music business major with an audio production emphasis, met as transfer students during Tower Traditions.

A few months later, Rasmussen sang backup vocals for Gough’s solo work, and the two began writing songs together.

“We decided, let’s actually do this and be a band,” said Rasmussen.

Fast forward a year, Rasmussen got the call from her voice teacher telling her that Weathered Souls will be featured in the Commercial Music Showcase.

“We’re super excited. This has been a goal since we got here,” said Rasmussen.

Rasmussen and Gough maintain different approaches to songwriting. As a guitar player, Gough always has a riff in his mind while Rasmussen is more lyrically inclined.

“What are you most passionate about and what breaks your heart is how we start our songs most of the time,” said Gough. “Everyone can find that broken or weathered place in their life.”

At the showcase, Weathered will perform two original songs, “Return to Dust” and “Babble,” and a cover of a blues ballad, “Let Me Leave” by Marc Broussard, they arranged as a duet accompanied by a string section.

“We put so much thought into every aspect of our songs for the showcase,” said Rasmussen. “You only make that first impression once with a song. We really want to make an impact with our words.”

The backbone of the band that came together for the Commercial Music Showcase involves Alex Skelton on drums and Chris Perdue on cello and bass.

“Our band believes in our music, and we are loving our rehearsals with them,” said Rasmussen.

Post-showcase, Weathered Souls hopes to play shows around Nashville and tour on the weekend. Currently in the middle of recording and editing, Weathered Souls plans to release its self-produced EP sometime in March.

“There is so much friendship and musical connection behind Weathered Souls. We’re trying to create a message of hope and community through our music,” said Rasmussen.

Check out Weathered Souls on Feb. 1 in MPAC at 5:30 p.m. and be on the look out for the release of its EP.

This article was written by Courtney Bellush.

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