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Country Showcase: Taylor Edwards

Born on the West Coast and raised in the South, Taylor Edwards describes her sound as “a cool marriage between pop and country.”

As the twangy young musician made her way to Nashville, she transitioned her music more into the country genre. Channeling artists such as Loretta Lynn and Sugarland, she keeps her songs rustic-sounding but includes a dreamy California melody.

Edwards is set to headline Belmont’s upcoming Country Showcase on Saturday. The event features four up and coming student artists whose music is rooted in the heart and soul of country music.

Edwards plans on spicing up the showcase with her unique and vibrant voice. After studying during the fall semester in Los Angeles with Belmont West, she says she finally found the type of music she wants to be playing.

“A lot of my preparation really happened in the last six months of me being away,” said Edwards. “I feel like I had a sound that I was ready to claim and present to everybody. It felt really great to kind of hone in on that sound that felt like me.”

Edwards isn’t just playing your typical country line up this weekend. The extraordinary show she plans on giving will definitely leave her audience wanting more.

“For me, it’s not just about getting onstage and singing a song,” said Edwards. “I want to give it my all when I’m up there and also be a great entertainer. It’s just as much about the performance that I’m delivering in my eyes.”

Edward’s showcase debut is sure to be a spectacular sight. While she is keeping her set list under tight wraps, the unusual collection of tunes she has in mind is sure to please any crowd.

“I’m excited about the songs I’ve chosen in preparation for this show,” said Edwards. “We’ve got a few songs of mine and I definitely am planning on doing a pop cover as well.”

As for the mood she’s setting? The upbeat singer plans on bringing the party, but don’t expect to leave without hearing a tearjerker or two.

Catch Edwards at the Belmont Country Music Showcase will take place Saturday at The Curb Event Center. The show starts 7 p.m. and is sure to be one for the books.

This article was written by Ally Pace.

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