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Curbies honor artists, producers, engineers

The 2011 Curbie Awards, sponsored by the Curb College Student Leadership Council, will be at 7 p.m. on April 5 in Neely Black and White Dining Room.

The Curbies give Belmont a chance to honor the hard work of its students and professors as well as build a sense of community by recognizing them in a prestigious way, according to Aaron Sievers, a senior music business major.

Nominated and voted on by Belmont students, faculty and staff, the 2011 Curbie Awards categories include best male/female vocalist, best freshman artist/band, best overall instrumentalist, best audio engineer, producer of the year, and best full-time faculty member.

Nearly 600 Belmont students, faculty and staff members were nominated this year. Of those nominees, five finalists will appear on the ballot for each category.

“It’s cool to have an event that says, ‘These are my friends or my colleagues who are doing what they love, and that’s why I nominated them, that’s why I’m voting for them,’” Sievers said.

Students can vote for the Curbies until noon on Friday, April 1, through Blackboard.

“Sometimes doing what you love is difficult,” Sievers said. “We’re going out of our way to make sure you get recognized for that hard work.”

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