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Sounds From Underground rock fest showcases Belmont bands

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

Music City isn’t just for country fans, and Belmont students will be out to prove it at Sounds From Underground rock festival come Sunday night.

Spearheaded by student-founded booking company Drop Tuned Entertainment, Nashville’s Exit/In will come alive at 6 p.m. for the hard rock and heavy metal faithful.

The Sounds From Underground will feature a lineup of seven Belmont bands. Sugar in the Gas Tank, Open Casket Wedding, Rockslide, The Fangs, Keep the Eleven, Kevin Bull Jr. and Ergo, Bria will take the stage for a night of alternative tunes, and local rock band Raviner will join the ticket as the show’s headliner.

Drop Tuned co-founders Grace Patrick and Cadence Hinnant want to tap into Nashville’s lesser-known rock market, and the young bands in the lineup are right behind them.

“Hard rock is just not very heavily promoted in this area. And it’s not just a Belmont thing, it’s all of Nashville, it being a very country-heavy place,” said Patrick, a sophomore.

“But there are a lot of hard rock bands and musicians just trying to make it around here.”

Aside from Raviner, the festival features examples of Belmont’s rock scene, which includes subgenres of metal and punk.

“If you haven’t been to a Belmont rock concert before, you go to this one and you’ve basically knocked off most of the list,” said Hinnant, also a sophomore.

But the mission behind the music is to extend its reach.

“Part of the mission for Drop Tuned Entertainment is that we want the Belmont scene to mix with the Nashville scene,” said Patrick.

“So really what this festival is about is to get those people not just some exposure, but also get them connected with the outside Nashville scene.”

Tickets are $12 online or $15 at the door.

PHOTO: Drop Tuned Entertainment

The article was written by Jaymey Hedberg, Olivia Peppiatt and Emma Halloran.

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