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David Gregory did not apply for provost

“I was specifically not trying out for the job.”

Office of Communications

David Gregory, who was officially named provost on Sept. 21, didn’t apply for the No. 2 position at Belmont.

“We intentionally did not apply because we wanted that national search to happen for the better of Belmont,” Gregory said.

Gregory, former dean of the College of Pharmacy, was named interim provost in April after it was announced that Thomas Burns' tenure would “conclude” at the end of May.

President Greg Jones said the university would launch a national search to find Burns’ replacement. The committee, made up of nine teachers, administrators, staff and one student, conducted a three-month search and narrowed the field down to two candidates.

Gregory, who did not apply, was not one of the two candidates.

“I was specifically not trying out for the job,” Gregory said.

Jones announced last month that Gregory would remain in the provost’s office.

“I’m delighted to share that after a thorough national search with strong engagement by an excellent search committee, I have selected David to assume the long-term role of Executive Vice President for Academic Excellence and Provost,” Jones wrote in an email to faculty.

Jones also announced the addition of Dr. Lori Baker as executive vice president for aspirational excellence.

The Vision reached out to several members of the search committee to determine how the choice was made. Several would not speak on the record.

Search committee member Jeffery Ames, a professor in Belmont’s School of Music, responded to a request for comment with the following emailed statement: The Executive Vice President for Academic Excellence and Provost search produced a complicated, yet fruitful outcome.

Gregory said he was not involved in the search.

“I totally stayed out of it because I felt that would be disingenuous and it would be looking like I’m applying for the job,” he said.

“It really needed to be a God movement. I don’t want any selfish ambition to get in the way for the best person that needs to do this job.”

The committee included faculty members as well as President Jones and Chief of Staff Susan West.

As provost, Gregory oversees academics at the university and collaborates with upper administration, deans and faculty.

“He did an outstanding job day one,” said West. “I would have never put the additive interim before provost for Dr. Gregory, just because of the manner in which he conducted his business, his provostial duties.”

This article was written by Sarah Maninger

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