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Dr. Caron Gentry discusses feminist Christian realism for Belmont women’s history month

Dr. Caron Gentry came to Belmont on Monday to discuss feminist Christian realism as the keynote speaker for Women’s History Month at Belmont.

Gentry discussed controversial topics like police brutality, sexual violence against women and the systems that allow for those things to happen.

“American politics and social life are beholden to anxiety over changes that threaten the particular raced and gendered order that America and American life are built upon,” Gentry said.

“Intersectional feminism and Christianity are deeply interested in how power works to harm people,” said Gentry.

Gentry stressed the importance of intersectionality, because humans will always find ways to assert power over others, she said. To combat the power structure as it is today, Gentry believes people must use “love-infused creativity.”

“Creativity is deeply relational,” Gentry said.

She believes people should listen to minorities and show up for others in order to build relationships that challenge the systems in place. Gentry also discussed the hidden or unspoken curriculum of universities.

“It is the curriculum of how to know to fit in,” said Gentry.

She explained the hidden curriculum of the university she lectures at, noting the wealth of St. Andrews’ students despite the government mandate to include more students from lower class backgrounds.

“There are gendered elements and there are racialized elements” of hidden curriculum, said Gentry.

She urged students to unpack the hidden curriculum of their lives, in order to understand their privilege.

Gentry stated that her beliefs are rooted in love and understanding what she believes is a lifelong journey.

“I think we’re always learning how to be Christian and we’re always learning how to be feminist.”

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