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Eight hours at the Bell Tower

11:10am– Music can be heard from the bell tower many times through out the week, offering a little enchantment between classes and lunch breaks.

12pm- The Bell Tower shows off in the afternoon sun while the hourly bell alerts students of the time.

1:45pm- Normally on warmer spring days students can be found outside eating or catching some sunshine before class. With the temperature at a frigid 7 degrees last week, it’s no surprise students are staying indoors.

2:34pm- With temperatures still in the low 30’s, the Bell Tower is the only one brave enough to stand outside.

3:03pm- Students hurry pass the bell tower on their way to their afternoon classes.

4:10pm- The Bell Tower in the late afternoon sun.

5:45pm- The fountain can be found many times throughout the winter frozen solid and surrounded by ‘Instagram-happy’ students competing for the best shot.

6:15pm- The sun has set and the tower now glows red. It’s difficult to see why students have declared the tower the “Eye of Sauron.”

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