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Experience the wonder of Blue Man Group

Paint droplets, streams of toilet paper and massive, technicolor beach balls are just a few of the surprises packed into the interactive experience of Blue Man Group.

All this and more awaits Belmont students at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center in Nashville, Tenn. as the theater hosts Blue Man Group for one week, which began Jan. 6 and will end with two shows Jan. 11.

Potential patrons unfamiliar with the performance style of the group can expect a truly one-of-a-kind experience from the show, which combines music with mimed, sketch-based comedy in a rave-like atmosphere.

The three main members of the group entertain and engage audiences by playing unorthodox instruments, including beating on trash cans covered in paint and pounding on massive amounts of plumbing pipe.

Between songs, the group performs simple skits and stunts that are made all the more entertaining by the fact that no member of the group ever speaks. The talented trio takes turns performing mimed routines of hilarious scenarios using only their bodies to communicate.

Throughout the show, audiences members are expected to dance, clap, yell and interact with the performers in a variety of ways. Some lucky members of the audience will be invited to participate in the show, either onstage or from their seats, while others participate in more intimate ways, namely as armrests while group members crawl through the audience.

Although the pace of the performance became almost monotonous as the skit scenes dragged on too long, the variation in the pace was essential in maintaining the attention of each audience member.

The high energy and excitement of the rave/rock concert aspect was much more enjoyable and refreshing by comparison.

Viewers who have already experienced the near 30-year phenomena of Blue Man Group can still expect a unique performance because the group updates the show regularly to maintain a fresh, attention-grabbing atmosphere.

In addition, potential viewers should note that spotlights, strobe lights and other atmospheric effects, as well as some of the interactive elements of the show, can be startling. Please prepare accordingly as leaving the theater after the show has begun is not advised.

Belmont students wishing to attend a Blue Man Group performance can receive a discount by using promo code “BELMONT” on; however, due to the intense popularity of the group, not all performances will be eligible for the discounted price.

Photo courtesy of the Blue Man Group Touring Group press release / TPAC’s media room

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