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Fake Dates with Kevin and Jessica: Copper Kettle

Copper Kettle 4004 Granny White Pike (across from Lipscomb University) Nashville, TN 37204 (615) 383-7242

Kevin: Jessica picked me up this time, and I was surprised at how progressive she was. A girl OK with picking up a guy for a date?!?  I almost expected her to whip out the wallet when we had to pay for dinner, but I wasn’t going to take that. When I got in the car, I asserted my manliness and said, “We’re going to Copper Kettle.”

Jessica: I was not impressed with his choice. Copper Kettle?! Isn’t that a meat-and-three? He should have known by now that I don’t like Southern food, but I didn’t want to argue and hurt his pride. However, after walking in, I was pleasantly surprised with the refined atmosphere and diverse menu.

Kevin: As soon as we walked in, I could tell by the look on Jessica’s face that she was already enjoying the place. The walls were covered in old Hatch Show Prints and the rest of the place looked like a well cared for Southern kitchen. Once I saw the menu and the meat-and- three selection, the choices just overwhelmed me. I hoped that Jessica didn’t take my silence as a feeling of awkwardness; there were just too many good choices on the menu.

Jessica: I made Kevin order first because I was way too indecisive. I felt good about the Ahi Tuna Wrap. After ordering at the counter, they had baskets of delicious cornbread and white rolls to hold visitors over until their meals arrived. So we grabbed a table and covered those usual conversation topics like how classes were going, the beautiful weather, creepy stalkers on, etc. I guess you could say that we are feeling a little more comfortable around each other.

Kevin: I definitely sensed that Jessica and I were “clicking” a whole lot better then we were on the last date, and I’m glad we didn’t fall into the second date slump where the person just seems a whole lot less cool than they did on the first date. Our date seemed so fresh and vibrant, like the spring weather we’ve been having. Speaking of fresh and vibrant, the veggie wrap was amazing. It was so good that I thought the produce had to have been locally grown, even though February is clearly not tomato season.

Jessica: I highly doubt my tuna was locally raised, but it still tasted amazing served with wasabi mayo and miso dressing. The wrap was sliced into five small pieces, which made eating a little less messy. The wrap was so wonderful but the vegetables were a bit of a letdown. I am pretty sure they were the same vegetables I used to eat in the caf. Overall, I had a great meal and great company. He even offered to buy me dessert. Such a gentleman.

Kevin: Dessert was fantastic, the perfect end to the perfect date. Even though we were stuffed, we forced ourselves to eat bite after bite of carrot cake and cheesecake. It was that good. Satisfied, we left Copper Kettle and headed back to Belmont. With the food coma I was in, I was glad Jessica was driving.

Overall, we really liked this place. The food was fresh and tasty, except for the cooked veggies, and the atmosphere was really relaxed and welcoming. It’s the perfect place to go on a date; it’s nice, but not too nice. The worst thing about this place is that it’s right across the street from Lipscomb, and we’re pretty sure we spotted a Lipscomb basketball poster hanging in the window. But for food this good, we’re willing to overlook such a major flaw.

We’re here to sacrifice our taste buds for your dating desires, because we all know that the only way to your heart is through your stomach. Have an idea for somewhere you’d like us to scope out? Send us an email at

Our Picks: Kevin: Vegetarian Wrap with Mac & Cheese, Cheesecake and Mango Iced Tea Jessica: Seared Ahi Tuna Wrap with Cooked Vegetables and Carrot Cake

Our Rating: 2 Ms. Tonyas 1 heart

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