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Fall Follies opens this weekend, will perform 3 shows

It’s that time of year again. No organization is safe, no staff or faculty member off-limits.

It’s time for Fall Follies.

Before this week’s unprecedented three-show schedule, Director Austin Agee gives the Vision the 4-1-1 on Belmont’s favorite annual comedic performance. Belmont Vision: How would you describe Fall Follies to the unsuspecting, innocent, unknowing Belmont freshman? Austin Agee: Fall Follies is essentially Saturday Night Live, but geared towards Belmont students and what we find important. We make fun of things on campus that need to be made fun of, what the students don’t exactly agree with, and what the students love.

BV: Who’s involved with this year’s Fall Follies? AA: We have twelve actors, five writers, a director, producer, music supervisor, technical director, and eight band/groups. This year’s is the biggest cast ever. It was not difficult deciding on who should be in the show because all these people are pee your pants funny.

BV: Is Fall Follies strictly comedy sketches, or is there other entertainment involved? AA: Both. All of the sketches and videos are comedic, but I as the director wanted to incorporate more than that. So we have humor, music, dancing, a capella, and happiness in every sense of the word.

BV: What makes this year’s production better than the past? AA: More actors, more performers, more shows, more humor, more skin… maybe not more skin, but definitely more.

BV: Is there a theme? AA: This year’s theme revolves around the 90’s. We all love the feeling of nostalgia and looking back to the good ole days. Who doesn’t love Rugrats, the Backstreet Boys, or Friends?

BV: So where, and when, can I be dazzled by the awesomeness that is Fall Follies? AA: We are having three shows this year – all in MPAC. The first show is Fri., Oct. 28th at 6 pm. The other two are on Sat., Oct. 29th at 2 and 7 p.m. Word of advice for tickets: get there an hour early and wait in line. Doors will open a half hour before the show, but make sure to get there early enough to get a ticket!

BV: Why should everyone and their brother come to this year’s Fall Follies? AA: This ain’t last year’s Follies. We got surprises in store for you. You never know who might show up.

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