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Frist hosts “Warhol Live”

When one thinks of Andy Warhol, one may see his trademark soup cans or silk screen pop art. For one more week, Nashvillians have a chance to see another side of Warhol at the Frist Center for the Visual Arts.

The exhibit, “Warhol Live,” runs until Sept. 11, and students with ID’s can get free admission on Thrusday and Friday nights.

The sensory experience begins with familiar works like the Ma Monroe screen print, but evolves into a journey in the mind of beloved cult icon, Warhol.

A room displays photos of Judy Garland and Elvis on the wall, as Garland’s standard “Over the Rainbow” plays in the background.

Famous paintings and silkscreen art are not the only items to grace the exhibit walls. There are record covers he drew, sketches and even silent videos of people kissing or sleeping.

Mid-way through the exhibit is a couch strategically placed in front of a video screen where you can watch several excerpts of his self-filmed videos.

But the exhibit doesn’t just stop at watching videos.  One room filled with mirrors and aluminum pillows shows clips of people touching the same pillows that line the room.

As the Warhol exhibit closes down, two addition exhibits will start on Sept. 9. Tracey Snelling’s “Woman On The Run,” will be a multi-medium exhibit on the upper level of the gallery. The back-story of the collection is stepped in crime and based on the story of a woman in Arizona who is a suspect in her husband’s murder.

Northern Renaissance paintings from the 15th and 16th century will be on view in “A Divine Light.”

-Dena Adams, Staff Writer

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