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From the desk of the president: April 10

As you return from your break at Easter when resurrection and new life are celebrated, I hope you are feeling a personal sense of renewal and rejuvenation. I’m grateful for the unmistakable evidence of spring that is so evident all over our campus and hope it elevates your spirit as it does mine.

As you jump back into your classes and other activities after this break, I know there can be additional stress as you prepare for finals and the end of the semester and academic year. I want you to remember that we all–faculty, staff and administration– want nothing more than for you to finish strong and be successful in your academic and extracurricular activities.

With that reminder, I also want to encourage you to seek help if you are struggling, and don’t delay in utilizing the counseling and other services that are available through the university. There are resources on campus to offer help for many issues that students grapple with, be they physical, academic, emotional or social. Your RA, a faculty member or any of our Student Affairs staff members can help you find those resources. And most of all, let’s look out for each other.

“So c’mon people now, smile on your brother”–and sister–“everybody get together, and try to love one another right now.” -The Youngbloods, 1969

Bob Fisher

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