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How Tay Inman is mastering makeup as both art and science

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

Biology and chemistry student by day, makeup artist by night, junior Tay Inman combines his love for science and art through makeup.

His beauty Instagram page, @tayinmanbeauty, boasts stunning looks from a fallen angel to a Grinch-inspired Christmas look.

Inman’s talent for the art of makeup is evident, but his passions are more than skin-deep.

“The chemistry behind makeup is super interesting to me,” said Inman.

By studying science, Inman wants to learn more about dermatology and eventually create a makeup line as a doctor. He recognizes that skincare and makeup are closely tied, and wants to have a science-based background to better transform the future of the makeup industry.

“I want to create a line that’s better for your skin,” said Inman. “I would love to be the one creating the line and not just slapping my name on it.”

While still in college, Inman is already getting started on his dream.

He gained makeup expertise through working at Sephora in 2019 before becoming a freelance artist. Since early 2020, he has booked jobs through Instagram and worked as a makeup artist after class, creating intricate looks on his clients.

Inman is inspired by his older sister, a makeup artist in New York City. He is following in her footsteps as he creates looks for up and coming artists and models in Nashville.

When not doing clients’ makeup, Inman creates looks on himself. On Instagram, he showcases his elaborate transformations, as a way to share his work and connect with artists and clients.

Out of his impressive portfolio of posts, his colorful pride look from June 2020 is one he specifically takes pride in.

“I just loved that look because it was really a representation of who I am,” said Inman. “When I get to do art and also tie in who I am as a person is really exciting to me.”

This article written by Sarah Crawford.

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