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JoJo coming to Belmont as “freshman for a day”

Atlantic Record recording artist JoJo will be attending Belmont as a “freshman for a day” Thursday.

Warner Music Group, the parent company to Atlantic Records, partnered with Topsify to send JoJo to a university to be a freshman for a day through the “Hits 101: Semester Sounds” contest. Belmont ended the contest with 880 student votes.

“CONGRATS @BelmontUniv You’re the winner of the Hits 101 sweepstakes and I’m going to be a freshman for a day at your school on Nov 10th,” the artist tweeted on Oct. 28.

Many can remember JoJo’s hits “Leave (Get Out)” and “Too Little Too Late” or her iconic role in the 2006 film “Aquamarine.” The 25-year-old singer is back and just released her new album “Mad Love,” her debut Atlantic Records album, in October.

Kate Myers, a senior commercial music major with a music business emphasis, was the main promoter of the contest on the Belmont campus. She is a brand ambassador for WMG and Nashville’s WMG College Marketing Representative.

Belmont won the contest by more more than 600 votes, Myers said, with Point Park University racking up 222 entries and Washington University coming in third with 109.

“This was pretty exciting because we pretty much quadrupled the number of votes cast by the second place school,” Myers said.

Long time JoJo fans were excited to hear she would be on campus.

“I voted for her everyday as soon as I found out probably about 10 times a day,” Belmont student Shannon Lyn Martin said.

While the artist is on campus, she will take a tour of the school, attend classes and perform for the students. There will also be a Q&A session with JoJo in the Massey Performing Arts Center Thursday evening.

The final schedule has been posted on Myer’s WMG Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at Soundsof615. Myers will be updating all her social media accounts during JoJo’s visit as well.

This article was written by Isabel Pesci.

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