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Live from New York, Rose interns for ‘SNL’

As a Belmont East student, entertainment industry studies major Amber Rose wanted to find the best way into the New York entertainment scene.

Now, she’s interning with the program that airs “Live from New York” each weekend – NBC’s late night institution “Saturday Night Live.”

Rose was able to go to New York through Belmont East, a program that allows students to spend a semester in the Big Apple to experience the entertainment industry to make connections and to meet people in the entertainment industry.

At the NBC late night show, she works as a Writer’s Research Intern, which means doing what the cast members and writers ask of her.

“So basically I assist the writers and cast members in anyway possible,” Rose said.

Rose was eager to have a high involvement in the day to day events at the television studio. As an intern, she has been given entry-level tasks she says are a good place to get in the business, Rose said.

“I have to do a lot of intern tasks such as fetching lunch and coffee, but that happens with all internships so it’s nothing new,” Rose said. “I am fortunate just to have this internship.”

For Rose, moving to New York for the semester was full of opportunities and promises. She knew she wanted to become a local of the city and learn all of its ins and outs.

“I’ve developed a fondness for New York City over the years and I wanted to see what it would be like to live there full time for a semester,” said Rose.

Being a part of the city that never sleeps with its never-ending events that take place there everyday has added to her excitement too, she said.

Rose initially wanted to move to the Big Apple after college, and said this would be a trial run to see if this would still be her ideal home.

“I wanted to make sure that after spending five months here I still felt the same way,” she said.

By involving herself in Belmont East, Rose also hopes to have experiences that can help advance her career.

“Network, network, network. The entire reason I came to Belmont East was to intern and meet people within the entertainment industry,” Rose said.

Leaving Nashville and exploring a new city is enough reason alone for students to participate in Belmont East, Rose said. Becoming involved with a new industry will help her and any entertainment industry students with any endeavor they ensue, she said.

“I recommend it to everyone,” she said. “I think it’s important that you leave your comfort zone and explore a different city and side of the industry you’re not familiar with. You gain a new appreciation for Nashville.”

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