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Madison Kozak wins final ASCAP Writers’ Night of the year

Belmont students Madison Kozak, Hannah Trager, Emily Falvey and Regan Rousseau showcased some of their latest songs at the final ASCAP Writers’ Night of the year.

ASCAP Writers' Night #2

After last week’s performance was rescheduled because of bad weather, students, faculty and guests filled the Curb Cafe Tuesday night.

Country songwriter Madison Kozak sang one of her latest originals “First Last Name.” In honor of the man who taught her all about country music, her father, Kozak played the song on his guitar.

Pop writer Emily Falvey sang an acoustic version of her original “You’re Dead To Me,” one of the newly released songs off her debut EP.

Hannah Trager, a senior at Belmont and country pop songwriter sang “Is Yet,” an ode to the the grey area often experienced toward the beginning of relationships.

Singer-songwriter Regan Rousseau brought a soulful voice and rich harmonies to the writers round, playing an acoustic version of “Me and His Cigarettes.”

At the end of the night, it was Kozak who won over the judges. She will perform at the “Best of the Best” showcase alongside other winners on April 14.

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Article and photos by Meg MacDonald. 

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