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McLeod brothers qualify for cross country national championships

Belmont men’s cross-country standouts Kaleb McLeod and Jacob McLeod have qualified for the NCAA National Championships.

The brothers are two of only five Belmont cross-country runners to ever compete at the NCAA National Championships, according to the Belmont Athletics website.

Both runners qualified after running in the NCAA South Regional 10K.

Jacob McLeod, a freshman, placed fourth with a time of 31:20:02. Junior Kaleb McLeod placed seventh with a time of 31:25:01.

The two brothers have played a crucial role in the team’s success this season, said head coach Jeff Langdon.

“It’s a great step forward for our program. These two guys have been the leaders all season, and they are ready to mix it up with the nation’s best,” said Langdon.

The McLeod’s will compete on Saturday in Madison, Wisconsin.

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This article written by Marissa Avnaim. Photo courtesy of Belmont Athletics. 

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