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Meet the new Bruin: Abby Hagan

Abby Hagan is a freshman cross-country runner from Sarasota, Florida. She has been running cross country since sixth grade.

Hagan is currently undeclared on her major but plans to audition for music therapy. In her free time, she loves singing and playing guitar, violin and piano.

The runner’s favorite movie is Slumdog Millionaire and favorite TV show is Dexter and One Tree Hill.

She joined cross country because she loves running and the escape it provides, as well as being with a group of girls working toward a common goal.

Some fun memories she has made with the Belmont team include family dinner nights, pumpkin carving, getting ice cream and just goofing off on bus rides.

Hagan said she runs for herself because of how confident it makes her feel, and she draws inspiration from some unusual things.

“If I could be an animal, I would be a giraffe,” Hagan laughed. “Because they can reach things. They can reach anything.”

This post was written by Jacqueline Skokna 

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