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Meet the new Bruin: Anna Brock Hawkins

Anna Brock Hawkins from Murfreesboro, Tennessee has a lifelong love for soccer and is excited to play for the Belmont women’s soccer team.

She has been playing since she was 4 years old and has always known she wanted to continue playing in college.

 “I think I always knew, but my freshman year I was just like, ‘OK, I’m for sure gonna play in college,’” she said.

 Since she grew up so close to Nashville, Belmont has always been in the back of her mind for her college plans.

 “I just knew about it, and it’s always been around,” said Hawkins about how she came to Belmont.

 Hawkins committed to Belmont in November of her junior year in high school.

Outside of soccer, Hawkins loves to hangout with her friends, try new foods in Nashville and play with her two dogs.

“I have a lab and a weiner dog,” she said. “Sadie is the lab, and Lucy is the weiner dog.”

Her favorite part of being at Belmont is the camaraderie of the women on the soccer team.

“Hanging out with them outside of soccer is a lot of fun and just how close everyone is,” she said.

Spot Hawkins wearing No. 8 for the women’s soccer team.

This article was written by Emily Allen. Photo courtesy of Belmont Athletics.

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