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Meet the new Bruin: Braden Carei

Freshman Braden Carei has run track since 7th grade, but being on the Belmont men’s track and field team is giving him a new perspective about the sport.

“Coming in from training in high school, it’s really a different experience,” Carei said. “It really altered my state of mind for practice. It’s given me a new work ethic and made me actually go beyond what the coaches have given me and put in extra work.”

Carei started pole-vaulting his junior year of high school. He hopes to improve his distance and technique throughout college and eventually win a conference championship, as well as expand his skill set.

“We’ve got four years and we’re really going to work hard and hopefully get to the goals we want to reach,” he said.

Outside of the sport, the Pittsburgh native’s passion is music.

An audio-engineering major, Carei spends his free time writing and recording music and running sound for his church in Brentwood.

Although music drew Carei to Nashville, he has come to enjoy the city for its inviting nature and varied landscape.

“You can drive 10 minutes and be down on Broadway and then drive 10 minutes the other way and you see trees and rural areas,” said Carei. “It’s just so different everywhere. It just draws you in, and there’s always something going on.”

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