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Meet the new Bruin: Christian Crenshaw

Belmont freshman Christian Crenshaw got started in his sport thanks to the observations of a high school coach.

“I had a new coach in high school and he said that I have really long legs so I should do hurdles,” said Crenshaw. “I tried it out and I ended up getting second in the state my first year.”

Crenshaw grew up in Memphis, Tenn. where he attended Briarcrest Christian School, the same high school as Michael Oher, the subject of the popular movie, “The Blind Side.”

The runner made the decision to come to Belmont after being impressed on a visit, after the athletic department showed interest in him.

“They were the first school to show any real interest in me. All the other schools that came after just did not appeal to me,” said Crenshaw. “Belmont was always first.”

When he has free time, Crenshaw enjoys watching Netflix and hanging out with his friends.

Crenshaw can be seen competing for Belmont in the hurdles at track and field events.

Photo courtesy: Belmont Athletics

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