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Meet the new Bruin: Courtlyn Ison

She’s a small town girl but a big time player.

Freshman Courtlyn Ison is a 6-foot-tall middle hitter and is already making an impact on the volleyball team.

Unlike her height, her hometown of Ootlewah, Tennessee is anything but sizeable.

“It’s a small exit, but we’re a big area,” said Ison.

After coach Tony Howell recruited Ison from a club tournament, Ison gained heavy interest in the team.

“I watched them play and it was the speed of play that was very intriguing to me,” she said.

The business major is still contemplating whether or not to minor in finance or accounting, but she is sure about playing her sport.

“The girls are great, and they make it very fun, and the coaching staff is great,” said Ison. “It feels very right.”

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