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Meet the new Bruin: Creaghan Diekema

Freshman Creaghan Diekema is an outside defender on the men’s soccer team. He has already racked up multiple starts and many minutes playing for the Bruins.

Originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan, Diekema explains what attracted him to the liberal arts college in the heart of Nashville.

“I really liked the campus coming out here. It’s probably one of the best campuses that I’ve been on. I knew the academics were good, and I wanted to play soccer,” said Diekema.

After verbally committing to play for another school in the Ohio Valley Conference, Diekema found no issues in finding community at Belmont University.

“The guys on the team are really cool, so I like hanging out with them,” said Diekema.

The adjustment to being a Division I athlete has taken some time to get used to. He is enjoying the freedom of college and taking advantage of any time he can find to catch some z’s.

“Sleep is the hardest part. Practice at seven in the morning is just brutal,” said Diekema.

With only five home games remaining in the season, Diekema hopes he can get as much play time as possible. Finishing with a better record than last year would also be ideal, he said.

Make sure you come out and watch Creaghan Diekema on the field in jersey No. 13.

Photo courtesy of Belmont University Athletics.

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