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Meet the new Bruin: Ellie Ivancich

One of the newest additions to Belmont’s volleyball team is Ellie Ivancich, a libero hailing from Naperville, Illinois.

Ivancich’s mom is an alumnus of Belmont, which is what initially sparked her interest in Belmont. Additionally, she was looking for a Christian university, making Belmont the perfect match and Music City her new home. Ivancich is currently an undeclared major but is considering picking up a minor in Christian Leadership.

Ivancich has a positive outlook for the season and is looking forward to make an impact in her inaugural season.

“With five freshmen on the team, we are very young and other teams may overlook us. So, we can use that to our advantage,” said Ivancich.

She is known for her passes and digs for the Bruins on the court, but is no different than any other Belmont freshman off the court. She enjoys catching up on her latest Netflix obsession and listening to music in her free time.

Ivancich describes the volleyball team’s camaraderie as the difference maker; a huge effort is made to create a positive and encouraging team atmosphere.

“I think what makes us unique is that even though there are eight people on the court at a time, the people on the bench could do the same thing, the level does not drop when the substitutes step on,” said Ivancich.

Catch Ivancich in action, wearing number 15 for the Bruins at any of Belmont’s home volleyball matches.

 This report was written by Elise Detrude

Photo courtesy of  Belmont Athletics

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