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Meet the new Bruin: Hayley Baker

Belmont freshman Hayley Baker, from Rockwall, Texas, started playing softball when she was 8 years old.

“I played other sports like soccer and basketball, but I fell in love with softball from the start,” said Baker.

Baker wants to become a doctor and is studying bio chemistry.

“The biggest thing is time management. Making a plan and sticking to it. Definitely getting things done when I have the time to do it is how I manage softball, school and friends,” said Baker.

When she’s not playing softball, Baker enjoys reading, shopping and hanging out with friends.

“In my spare time, away from softball and school, I enjoy reading, shopping and being with all of my friends,” said Baker.

When deciding on a college, Baker said that she fell in love with Belmont. She fell in love with the school, the campus, and everything about it.

Catch Baker wearing No. 44 for the Bruins this season.

This article was written by Shelby Vandenbergh.

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