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Meet the new Bruin: Isabel Leatherbury

Freshman jumper Isabel Leatherbury is not your average track athlete.

“I’m the only girl high jumper, and I hate running,” said Leatherbury.

In her free time, she enjoys going outside and spending time with friends. Her love of the outdoors came from her hometown of Daphne, Ala. where she lives in a little bay town on the river.

Although she isn’t your stereotypical member of the track team, she does fit the mold of the average Belmont student quite perfectly.

The Entertainment Industries Studies major wants to go into the law side of music.

“I want to manage musicians and do contract law to protect their rights,” she said. “Because I feel like musicians get taken advantage of.”

She understands the woes of the music industry because she herself is a musician.

“I sing, my brother sings, but I want to be financially stable so I decided to go with the business route.”

Photo courtesy: Belmont Athletics

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