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Meet the new Bruin: Kyle Klotz

Belmont freshman Kyle Klotz from Dickson, Tennessee got his start with baseball when he was four in the Burns Little League.

Majoring in history and minoring in education, Klotz hopes to coach and teach high school students.

“Belmont is top notch. Once I met Coach Jarvis I really liked him and everything just fell into place from there,” said Klotz.

Baseball takes up most of his time, but when he does have some extra time Klotz enjoys playing the guitar, playing video games and going hunting and fishing in Fairview with his father.

“I would say my dad is who I most look up to because he keeps our crazy family together. He does whatever he can day in and day out,” said Klotz.

Besides his family, Klotz said baseball provided him with brotherhood.

“I would say that brotherhood is all the time that we spend together on and off of the feld. Whether we are down in a game and need to make a comeback or we are up in the game. It is also the days that you do not want to be there, you rely on one another to pick each other up,” said Klotz.

Klotz can be seen this season wearing No. 31 for the Bruins this season.

This article was written by Shelby Vandenbergh.

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