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Meet the new Bruin: Mallory Sullivan

Mallory Sullivan is a freshman golfer and business major from Smithville, Tenn.

Sullivan began golfing in the sixth grade when she hurt her shoulder playing softball. Her sister played golf, and the sport didn’t hurt her shoulder. So naturally, golf became the perfect fit.

She followed her sister who came to Belmont and played golf for five years.

When Sullivan isn’t teeing off on the course, she’s listening to Jessie James or watching hair and makeup tutorials.

Still, Sullivan spends the majority of the time on the course and traveling with her teammates.

The large amount of time spent traveling has truly bonded her team and been her favorite part of her Belmont experience, she said.

She never would’ve had the experience if it weren’t for her role models, her sister and her father.

“My family, they inspire me the most. Seeing just how successful they are with hard work and dedication shows me that if you do that, you will be happy and have a successful life.

Photo courtesy: Belmont Athletics

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