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Meet the new Bruin: Matthew Blivin

Belmont freshman Matthew Blivin had a late start to his cross-country career, but he is looking to make the most of his chances.

“I played soccer for 10 years, and last year I joined cross-country,” said Blivin. “Now, I’m here.”

Blivin has maintained a connection to soccer even as he has moved to a different sport. In his free time, Blivin enjoys playing the FIFA games with his teammates and also said he enjoys listening to music.

The climate of Nashville, Tenn. is familiar to Blivin, who said his hometown of Durham, NC is very similar.

Blivin became interested in Belmont after a visit during his senior year of high school.

“I toured here last September and I really loved it,” said Blivin. “No other school really compared.”

In addition to running for Belmont’s cross-country team, Blivin will also be running the 800 meter and the 1600 meter for the track team.

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