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Meet the new Bruin: Nate Kennedy

Nate Kennedy, one of Belmont University’s soccer midfielder from Charlotte, North Carolina, formerly played for U18 Carolina Rapids. Somewhere in between that time frame he came to a conclusion.

“It’s a lot of running. Way too much running for me,” said Kennedy.

Besides coming to terms with how much effort it takes to be a center midfielder, Kennedy has also realized during his time here that playing soccer in college is no easy task.

One major difference is how fast the game is played, said Kennedy.

“College level is a lot higher than playing for any academy or club, and you have to be disciplined with what you do,” said Kennedy.

With discipline the entire team can achieve the desired result of a winning record and winning the conference trials.

Before those big games happen, Kennedy is most excited to play University of North Carolina.

“That’s where I’m from, so I get to go home and play,” said Kennedy.

Make sure to look out for No. 8 this season at E.S. Rose Park.

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